Services for companies


As an employer, you often need to make decisions on complicated, sensitive employment issues, both when recruiting staff and when staff leave.

We are happy to help you with issues relating to labour law in connection with reorganisation or transfer of another business, and we can assist your company in trade union negotiations or disputes.

You can approach us if you have questions on your company’s HR policy, working environment and working hours, trade secrets, non-competition clauses, privacy policy and personal data.


With carefully drafted contracts, your company can optimise earnings and avoid financially and emotionally demanding disputes.

We draft and review contracts and agreements that companies and associations need for their activities, for example sales contracts, franchise agreements, rental agreements, leases, licence agreements, consultancy agreements, partnership agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

We help your company interpret existing contracts after a question has arisen or a dispute has begun. Many disputes, for example, concern purchases in which your company does not receive the goods or service promised, or the buyer does not pay for the goods or service that your company has supplied.


We know that the choice of corporate form is very important, both legally and financially.

When you need to choose a corporate form, you often face complex issues concerning the formation of the company and its management and expansion.

As lawyers, we draft or review recurring shareholder agreements, transfer agreements, retailer contracts and other documents that may be extremely important to your company’s operations.

Company law issues in connection with the purchase and sale of companies, whether transfers of shares or assets and liabilities are involved, require the legal expertise that we are happy to offer your company.


The Swedish Tax Agency has a far-reaching obligation to report suspected crime to the public prosecutor.

Investigations into economic crime are often extensive and may require specialist knowledge, not only of the law but also of finance and accounting.

Once the Swedish Tax Agency has started an audit or investigation, you should be prepared, as a business owner, for the possibility that a criminal offence may be reported to the police. If you end up in such a situation, we can act as a professional sounding board at as early a stage as possible, and strive to put the parties on an equal footing in the process.


Your company’s insurance policies are an essential part of your business activities. The most common insurance cases concern liability for damage or loss, for example damaged property or financial loss on account of incorrect advice.

We can advise your company on all types of liability and insurance case. We are happy to help with both assessments and analyses of damages. We can also make claims against the other party in connection with financial loss or personal injury, for example, and handle contact with insurance companies so that the case is managed efficiently and your company’s legal interests are protected under the rule of law.


Leasing premises involves a complex contract for your company, with many requirements, rules and fixed dates to observe.

We are happy to help your company with the drafting and negotiation of contracts for leasing existing premises, renegotiating lease terms, mediation at the rent tribunal, deferment of vacation and disputes about matters such as vacation or damages at the district court.


If your company is at risk of entering into financial difficulties, we can help you find lasting solutions. We are happy to advise your company on various matters relating to insolvency and security on credit.

If your company winds up its operations, we can help with questions concerning Board liability, liquidation and the rules prohibiting loans to related parties.

We can also help your company as a creditor in matters relating to insolvency. This may, for example, concern requirements for declaring a company bankrupt or the possibility of claiming back assets provided to another party.


In commercial relationships, your company may have differences of opinion with business customers, suppliers, agents, competitors or partners. Conflicts may also arise internally in the company, for example with employees, other partners or shareholders. We are happy to represent your company in disputes before courts and arbitration tribunals and in mediation proceedings.