Services for private individuals


Have you been given notice to terminate your employment?
Is your employer not paying you your salary?
Do you feel discriminated against at work?

Contact us if you have questions about how you have been treated or are being treated at work, regardless of whether you are a union member, or if you feel you are not being helped by your union.

The firm’s lawyers offer advice on all sorts of labour law issue and assist with negotiations with trade union organisations.

The firm’s lawyers also represent clients in disputes at courts arising out of notice of termination of employment, breach of employment contracts, competition issues, etc.


Have you renovated your flat and problems have arisen with which you need help? Are you suffering from water damage and no one will accept liability?

Are you unable to reach agreement with your tenant-owners’ association?

The firm’s lawyers offer private individuals consultations and legal assistance in matters such as the content of a contract of sale, hidden defects in owner-occupied flats, hidden defects in property, the duty to carry out investigations, consumer contracts, building permits, notice of termination by tenants, assignment of tenancy rights to next of kin, disputes with tenant-owners’ associations/tenant-owners and boundaries between external and internal maintenance in owner-occupied flats.


Have the police called you in for an hearing?

Are you suspected of having committed a crime, or have you been a victim of a crime?

Contact the police and ask for a lawyer from our firm before you go to the police interview.

We protect your interests throughout the legal process and support you as your defence counsel in court. We can also appeal against incorrect decisions and judgments, and petition for a new trial. You may also be entitled to damages for the crime of which you were a victim, or because you were incorrectly suspected or convicted. We can help you with all potential damages issues in criminal cases and with your action for damages.

The firm’s lawyers are appointed by courts in various parts of Sweden as public defence counsels, counsel for the aggrieved party and special representatives of children.


Have you recently been separated and are unable to reach agreement?

Do you need to know whether your children can move elsewhere with you?

Are you wondering whether you are entitled to remain in your home?

Contact us if you have any questions about custody of your children and where they will live, child maintenance, your shared home or the future division of your property.

The firm’s lawyers act as legal representatives in disputes relating to child custody, residential provisions for children and access to children, illegal removal of children to another country, maintenance and adoption cases.

The firm’s lawyers act as estate administrators, property division executors and counsel in connection with the appointment of trustees or legal representatives.


Have you been involved in a road traffic accident?

Have you been robbed or burgled?

Are you unable to reach agreement with your insurance company?

Contact us if you have any questions about what you should do when you have suffered an accident.

If you have suffered injury as a patient, you are entitled to compensation for restrictions and inconvenience in your everyday life as a consequence of the injury. This may concern a chronic injury and disability, and reduced working capacity. In the event of illness or accident, you may also receive compensation for loss of income and/or pension.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident or any other accident, you are entitled to compensation for problems as a consequence of the accident. This may concern pain and suffering, disfigurement and disability and additional costs.

We offer you legal assistance during claims adjustment when you have reported a claim, during processing of the claim and, if necessary, in the district court.


Have you just moved to Sweden and are you seeking asylum here? Did you have a residence permit and risk being forced to leave Sweden? Are you applying for a work permit for yourself or a future employee?

Contact us if you have any questions about your residence permit in Sweden.

The firm’s lawyers are appointed as public counsel in asylum application cases, defence cases, cases concerning transfers under the Dublin Regulation or applications for Swedish residence on account of work or family ties.


Have you been contacted by the social services following a notification of concern? Are you concerned about a relative and lack good contact with the social services? Has a decision been made against you, and you need help appealing against it?

The firm’s lawyers offer legal assistance in matters such as the right to home help services, day care activities, respite, special housing, support and short-term stays away from home, and act as representatives/public counsel in cases concerning compulsory institutional care of children and young people, substance abusers and the mentally ill (the Care of Young Persons (Special Provisions) Act (LVU), Care of Substance Abusers Act (LVM), Compulsory Psychiatric Care Act (LPT) and Forensic Psychiatric Care Act (LRV)).


Many conflicts and disputes can be resolved amicably between the parties. Our experience is that a competent legal representative can help you get a much better grasp of the framework of the conflict, the value of the matter you are disputing, and alternative solutions that can save a lot of time, mental suffering and money.

Contact us if you have a claim against someone, or if you have received a claim that you do not feel or can accept. We represent many clients in court. We also undertake assignments as mediators.